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    I found the solution in the article - " In one instance, a complaining couple underwent a divorce and when one of them moved out of the home, the problem went away."

    That's pretty funny. Looks like I would find someone to install a new indoor coil coated with or

    A UV light or two will likely help, even the article identifies this, but of course not foolproof, but may be a cheaper start...
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    I believe this is treating a symptom and not the problem. The inside of our homes are very polluted. The off gassing of building materials, carpet, adhesives. And living in the house causes pollution, deodorant, cleaning solvents, passing gas, belching, because of my cooking, sweating, dirty socks, the dog, the gerbil, the snake, air fresheners. Man, makes you want to live outside. I would start with bring in fresh air according to ASHRAE 62.2-2007.

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    The mold guy was out here last week and did repairs and trteatment in a couple of areas of the home. He did an air scrub and the vents were cleaned. I turned the AC off and I noticed the odor or odors came back. That was on Friday. Today I decided to run the A/C so the fan would be on. After 15 minutes or so the house smelled much better. Then I turned the fan off and the odor returned within 10 minutes?????????????????

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    Springer please do not start multiple threads on the same topic/subject. I merged these 2 threads.

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    Is this metal duct?

    I own a duct cleaning company and when I go to homes with odor problems its like I know there going to be a thorn i my side...
    The first thing I do is LOOK, I have so may cameras its sickening {thermal imaging, robotic rovers, fiberglass push rod type, borescopes, ect, ect, ect.... so I make access holes, and check the entire duct system, looking for molds, animals, dead fish {happens a lot with rental properties}, ect. I also check the condensate system, insulation {Ive found wet insulation will grow mold quickly and hide it within so you can see it}, and septic situation....
    Then if all looks good and I didnt find anything suspicious, I will sell a basic duct cleaning {if there dirty}, and with that I will clean the coils, fog sporicidon through the system, air scrub the home, change the filters, clean out the condensate and make sure its trapping, clean the pans, blower and inside of the unit... After Im all done, I will fog an odor kill through the system.. I also ask the customers to have there carpets cleaned before I go to do the duct cleaning, and I check there sump pumps {you may not have that issue, but we have basements with sumps pumps, and a poorly sealed return duct will suck the odor rite upstairs....

    I have good luck with this method, I have had to go back on a few to refog the system with the sporicidon but never had one we had to replace {keep in mind we use sheet metal here, not much fiber...}

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    UVC emitter

    Have you tried a UVC emitter for your DSS?

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