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Thread: ThermoPack unit

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    Any opinions on the ThermoPack AC/Oil furnace unit by Thermo-Pride? I'm replacing my oil forced air furnace and getting central AC (for the first time).

    With the whole unit being outside, is there a noise problem with it? And how big is it?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Like all Thermo Pride products, the oil/electric package unit is built like a tank. If properly sized and installed, you should be very satisfied with it. This is not something to be installed by a DIYer. I am assuming you are having this unit installed by a licensed contractor. Unit dimensions = 47" X 47".

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    Your assumption is right. I am more of a Destroy It Yourself (DIY). Any concern over noise?

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    They are no more, & probably less, noisy than any package unit. One thing I will suggest to your &/or your dealer is to disconnect the nozzle line heater on the burner & burn kerosene instead of fuel oil. Talk to your dealer about this, his experience may differ from mine.
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