Hi Gang,

As I review the spread of LP DHW heaters for my new home, I've run across some interesting literature and claims. Most interesting is study by Bradford-White that looked at the life cycle costs between 2 tank type heaters and 2 tankless units. For most people, a very efficient tank type unit will be best and least expensive over time even though 2 will be needed vs. one of the tankless units.

But I digress. The real question is: What if you buy a tankless with a remote temp control. When you take a shower or bath, you set the temp for exactly the temp water you need. When done, it can be reset a bit higher. This way, you are showering with the faucet set full hot and you are not heating any water past what is needed. The heater modulates to give you the perfect temp. No mixing with cold which is a waste of energy. Has anyone seen this or tried it? This would certainly change the cost savings equation and the aforementioned B-W study.

Here is the link to the study:


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