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    Someone needs too! and all the area's so techs dont waste their time applying where they dont or wont fit in,

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    One man's trash is another's treasure!

    What works for the one will not be right for his neighbor.

    Get the point?

    All of life boils down to this one single, yet very simple goal: RELATIONSHIP!!!

    Life is made up of relationships with others.

    So how I get along at one shop is NOT how you might get along at that very same shop.

    I am very opinionated! So let's say I had a bad viewpoint of one shop owner or his service manager or his dispatcher or his purchasing agent, etc., etc.

    Now I log into the online database of company names and I fill in the forms giving my opinions about this and about that .....

    I would do this if it was the BBB regarding customer care or products they were sells.
    But it simply wouldnt be fair nor accurate if I was giving my opinion as to how well a certain company was being run, from an employee's viewpoint.

    I will do you a favor and keep this short. But believe you me, there is so much more left to write about this very subject .... you have no idea what I am leaving out.

    So you can just go ahead and thank me right now for sparing you having to read on and on.
    Suffice to say, I have a lot of thought into this topic already.

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    Freedom Of Expression.. is never impossible, and opinions are like...many

    I beg to differ, to be opinionated as you claim, you must be anylizing others, and that would amount to the same as offering opinions about companies to work for or that a person has worked for, whether it is accurate to one person or many is not for one person to decide for everyone to not being able to hear what others have experienced working for or with and doing business.
    I Believe it is important for all to express their opinions, and none to be more important thatn another, unless it holds some validity or common truth, among the people who have experienced the same!
    Which Therefore sets a precedence stemming from a pattern of how the company conducts businees with their employees.

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    companies rate themselves with their turn over rate. if the rate is high stay away.
    i wanted to put a picture here

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    Re: Freedom Of Expression.. is never impossible, and opinions are like...many

    Originally posted by coldspot
    I beg to differ, to be opinionated as you claim, you must be anylizing others,

    I Believe it is important for all to express their opinions,
    Opinionated? ME???

    But of course. But I have grown up enough to realize that not everyone is wanting my opinion.

    A company consists of two things: Braves and Chiefs.

    Too many Chiefs and not enough Braves, not good mix.
    Too few Braves and too much work, not good mix.
    Incomponent Chiefs, Braves not productive/ effecient.
    Braves not mature, customers not satisfied. Chiefs angry. Heads roll. (very messy)
    Braves not receive training, they not competant to service customers needs adequately.
    If either Chiefs or Braves cop an attitude, all suffer loss.

    I have met very few Chiefs who ran their own business which everyone was satisfied. Only a couple, in fact.

    Ron Bunker operated "Bunker's Refrigeration" in San Bernardino, CA for many years.
    His outfit was considered the primier service contractor in the area for the longest time.
    He shut down operations and moved to Las Vegas where he was last serving as service manager of another person's outfit.

    I know of men who are service mechanics who also happen to own a service contracting business.
    They make a decent living at their operations.

    When they are evaluated for their own personal performance, they excell.
    And I can name many who fit this category.
    However, when it comes to how well they operate their business and motivate their employee's ... they suck at it! (save for the above mentioned professional)
    The only one's who carry no bad marks, in my book, are the individuals who never hire employee's cause they dont want to work outside the area of their strengths.

    And whenever they happen to work beside others or have to hire someone to do a job for them ... they excell at that also.
    But they keep their business small and close to their home.

    I wish more would do the same. Or that they would have themselves evaluated and find out where their true strengths and weaknesses are.
    And then, where needed, hire competant employee's to fill in for them.
    But that can turn into a pride issue, a control issue.

    It can make an inmature man feel like he is incompetant to do all of everything all by his self!

    No Duh!?

    And now that brings us to those rare individuals who started from the ground up and hired those they needed and kept on growing.
    I have had the opportunity to work for a couple of larger outfits who had all the trappings of anal retentive paperwork and not enough hours for their people each week .... while some were being paid overtime ... cause they were the favorites ....

    And all the while ... the men at the very top were really nice guys ... but they just lost touch with the common peon near the bottom.
    You know ... the guy who physically goes into the field each day and performs the work which pays all the bills!
    That guy!!!

    When the Chief loses touch with his Braves ... and he hires managers who are not gifted to oversee others ... the work quality suffers.
    The customers suffer.
    The reputation of the business suffers.

    It becomes a lose/ lose situation for everyone involved.

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    Ron Bunker

    Dont Make Me Laugh, I believe he is enjoying a free check working for Lloyd's Refrigeration. He's assistant Service Manager there! He's knowledgable, yet blind or corrupt, using and being manipulated or setting people up is his latest practice. At one time His business probably grew because of his knowledge and once forgotten integrity in

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