May be too soon to tell,but as I remember the install photos ,there is a possiblity of problems.

For years now,we have a 25% saving guarantee,based on the heating and cooling expense,being 46% of the total bill.So 11.5% of your total bill ,for going from a 10 to a 12 or a 12 to a 14 SEER ,usually heat pump replacing heat pump.

There have been a few that didn't save,and everyone of them had a problem.Either a bad TXV,or high Static duct system.

The TXV is obvious,but not everyone gets what happens with high static ducts.When installing variable speed fans the literature usually talks about how little they cost to run,and may even encourage running the indoor fan 24/7.

VS is great ,when the static goes up,unlike a PSC motor they deliver the air needed or close to it.But at a much higher cost in wattage,at .9 or 1.0 static,then at .5 Static,fan watts goes up about 40%.Then if they run the fan 24/7,or switch to restrictive filters like 3M's ,the cost goes up even more.