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    Goodman HVAC unit Acting up

    Hello all,
    Please do not be angry with me if i am posting the wrong place. I certainly am one to stand on ceremony and protocol. If my posting here is an error, please advise and I will immediately cease and desist.
    That being said, I am just looking for some opinions about my problem before I go calling in the service company.

    I have a Goodman HVAC unit (outdoor AC and furnace). It's model number is: GPH1342H21AB. I'm not sure if this is the right number to be posting but here goes.

    I live in Nashville TN, and it doesn't get really cold here very often. When it does (below 30), my heater seems to blow hot air for a short time, and then cold air for a short time. It cycles on and off VERY frequently. I just wonder if my thermostat should be displaying AUX HEAT when the side of the unit outside says NO ACCESSORY HEAT KIT INSTALLED.

    I'm from West Virginia originally, and we put our furnaces inside there. Just seemed a bit strange that the heating element is outside (electric furnace, no gas).

    Thanks for your time and best regards,

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    Welcome to the site,

    You have a 3.5 ton 13 seer heat pump. The units come shipped without electric (AUX) heat in them, an installer has to install a heat kit. One may have been installed and you just may not realize it.

    It could be that you unit is cycling on and off due to a problem or it could be that it is running the aux heat with the pump when you feel the warm air and heat pump only when you feel the cold air.

    I would recommend calling and having a tech come out and do a "Tune up" on your unit and while he is there he can check it out and explain some stuff to you.

    Good luck,

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    The tune-up sounds wise and it could be that your tstat is not set up correctly. I see it all the time with heat pumps.

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    sounds like the set points on the stat need adjusted

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