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    Gas logs will not ignite

    I am new to the website and I have read many post and am very impressed. I have already learned quite a bit.
    My question is this: I had a technician install a set of propane logs in my home about two months ago. My fuel is propane supplied by a 100LB tank. The logs were purchased at Lowes and are unvented. The manufacturer appears to be Style Selections and the model number is SSEB30RT. A couple of days ago I lit my pilot and allowed my coupler to get hot. I then turned the control knob to the ON position. Typically this is followed by a hissing sound made by the gas and combustion of the burner unit and flames appear. Only this time, no hissing sound and no flames. The pilot lights fine but no hissing sound and no flames. I went to my manual and wow what a help. It said to clean the unit. I used a can of air and cleaned all of the indicated spots thoroughly and still nothing. At this point, I am certain my connections are good and the unit is clean and free of obstructions and dirt/dust.

    Could it be the tank or regulator?? I got the tank from a relative and he told me that he has not used it for sometime so I wonder if condensation may have formed on the inside and now that I have used most of the gas from when I got it filled, perhaps the moisture is causing a problem? If there is moisture in the cylinder, could it have caused the regulator to freeze up?

    The unit was working fne prior to this issue. The flame loooked like it was supposed to and it it produced good heat. I called my HVAC guy and he is out of town---My upstairs unit is not running properly and it is 16 degrees with snow on the ground. I really need some heat....wife is cold and NOT happy. If some expert could give me an opinion; I would be grateful.

    Thanks in advance-

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    Is the pilot staying lit when you turn the knob to bring on the burner?

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    If you have 16F with a 100lb cylinder your vaporization rate may not be able to keep up with this burner. There might not be anything wrong with the appliance.

    You must have two stage regulation. This can be a combination set or separate depending upon how far the tank is away from the appliance. At normal draw down rates, the medium pressure regulator should not freeze up. The LP gas is treated to remove any moisture remaining in the tank so that should not be a problem.

    Still, have a qualified technician check it. Esp. have him verify proper inlet gas pressure under full load and LP tank sizing & regulator choice/ setup.

    Double check your operation sequence. You did not describe flipping a switch. This could mean either you forgot you have a millivolt control that requires a switch or thermostat to make a call for heat or it has a hydraulic bulb thermostatic control, which may be reading that the room is comfortable and won't allow the control to fire. Regardless, have a qualified pro check it out.

    What type of fireplace are these logs installed into?

    If your wife is cold, turn on the primary heat source. VF is NOT a primary heat source.

    Once you get this thing working, have a pro conduct combustion analysis to verify it is burning within specs. Then go buy a low level CO monitor.

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