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    Confused York Diamond 80 problem

    Here's my situation, I have my thermostat set to 70, the fan is on the auto position. The furnace wouldn't kick on to heat the house. I opened both panels to see what was wrong. I pressed the switch to activate the furnace, it kicks on, the burner ignites, lights up for a few seconds and shuts off. I thought maybe the fan was stuck so I switched the fan to the on position on the thermostat. The fan kicked on. So I know it's not the fan. I then cleaned my filters and reinstalled them. I turned the furance off, to reset it, and turned it back on. I replaced the panel that ingages the pressure switch, a minute later the furnace kicked on, burner ignites and stays lit, basically working properly. This went on for a few cycles, and then the furnace wouldn't kick back on again. I went through the same cycle. Is this a control panel going bad or something else?

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    by the way this is a York Diamond 80 furnace

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    Call a service company and have them perform a tune-up on your furnace. It's due for some cleaning.

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