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    Hi from the snow covered garden state

    Just joined now what?

    How about a Carrier 48TJD007-521 piece of$%7!1 keeps locking out. Of course never when were there. Last time the control was locked out on ignition failure and the dang unit was still running! Any way we picked up a new board today well try that. Any suggestions oh and we just replaced the heat exchanger so of course the customer is upset.

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    not in the open forums

    increase post count and apply for pro status

    oh, and welcome
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    Welcome to the site chillcoolcold,

    Yeah, rules won't let us give technical help in the open forums, but like already stated…get your posts up to 15 and then you can apply for pro membership and hopefully join us in the pro forums where you can swap technical advice.

    Take care,

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