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    Installation of my Carrier FE4BNF003 air handler was completed about 2 weeks ago. I decided to replace the cheap fiberglass filter with a pleated unit. Well, I thought it was a 20x20. Nope! I measured the old one and it's about 20x21. Is that right? Seems like an odd size. Anyone know the correct size for this unit? Any recommendations on what kind of filter to use? The system is new, so I have a fresh start on trying to keep things clean. Thanks.

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    Seems to me if, the unit is ONLY 2 weeks old, I'd ask the installing contractor.

    But that's just me, asking people here who have no clue as to your installation is like asking 'my car won't start, what's wrong with it?'.

    Nobody here knows the static pressure of your ducting system, nor the delta T of your system to even start to give you an educated guess.

    Is there some reason you didn't ask the installing contractor?

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    I didn't ask the contractor because it's Sunday. I bought a filter this morning and was surprised to find that it didn't fit. I'm not looking for anything fancy, I'm just looking to replace a cheap fiberglaas filter with something that will help my unit last longer.

    Are you telling me I need to know static pressure and delta T to select a decent filter?

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    I'm simply stating, that if you do like the majority of HO and buy a 'what they think is a good filter' at a Superstore, that you will likely cause undue stress to your new system. With out even knowing your doing so.

    Most of the pleated filters you buy at these superstores are more expensive, more restrictive, than cheaper, better filters that you can purchase from your contractor.

    What till tomorrow, and call them to see what they recommend. That way you won't be doing anything to void your manufactures warranty.

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    Edited do to the site double post!

    And it continues to NOT allow me to delete my own post!

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    when you get up to the super high efficiency ones (3M purple is one, Dirt Demon is another), you can retard the air flow enough to cause overheating or interfere with the cooling. If they are pleated and in the few dollar range you should be ok.

    I assume the fiberglass one came with the unit and if it says 20"x20" on it, a similar one should fit. Does it seem too loose? Running it that way for a short while won't hurt anything. You could add a spacer to take up some space below the filter? Then check with the installer.

    I avoid the cheapest ones that you can readily see thru because they don't trap enough dust and it builds up on the motor, the a/c coil, and gets back into the house.

    Read your manual about temp rise and static pressure if it is in there.

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    The filter that came with the unit didn't have a size on it. It had a model number, but nothing that would correspond to size (unless it was in millimeters). I measured it to about 20 x 21. The 20 x 20 I tried to put in was definetly too small.

    MikeJ: Your post implies that an inexpensive pleated filter is the way to go. I'm assuming that as the expensive filters increase filtration, they also increase the amount of restriction. Am I on the right track?

    I'll call the contractor and ask, but if it is a 20 x 21, it looks like it will be hard to find, especially if I'm changing it every month.

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