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    I have a Duo-Therm propane furnace that i use to heat my garage/workshop with and would like to convert it to natural gas. Now I know i have to have the orfice changed but I need to find the manufacturer to find out if i can even get the conversion kit, as it is an older furnace. So can anyone help me with who is the manufacturer and how can I contact them. Have searched the web to no avail.

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    I would suggest hiring a profess. to perform this conversion swapping out parts is not the end of it, a combustion analysis should be perfomed to meet proper combustion requirements.

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    If it has ran a long time on Lp, it may get very complicated, you need to change and check a lot more than just the orifices. Also know how to spot things like lazy diaphrams, and have the proper equipment to set pressures, flame placements and on and on. Get a good contractor, or at least, someone who has done a lot of conversions and knows what mistakes to avoid.

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    If it has a LP gas control valve the internal regulator has to have a conversion kit also or you need to install a appliance regulator outside of the valve. Better contact a professional. You can get in alot of trouble.

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