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Thread: chiller size?

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    hi guys
    what is the factors must put in the consideration to size chiller for 2 A.H.U units?
    is there good text book for pipe sizing to the chilled water closed system?
    is there web site learn me designing hvac system?
    thanks for all.

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    Yeah go to a library on monday and look up"refrigeration"
    There are many good books

    I dont know if those will help,but it is something to read.
    Getting a book from library is easier,I think.

    (If troublemakers come to this thread to insult for information,then ignore them....Hooola bula gula.)

    Be COOL, gladstone!

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    What brand chiller do you want to use?
    Most chiller mfgs.will size the chiller for you if you know the load. If you use a well known brand (depending on the size)They will size the chiller, air handlers and help you with the piping.
    I am assuming that you are dealing with a small load like 15 or so ton? If this is the case you better educate yourself thoroughly on alot of different topics...........

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    Cool Sizing AHU

    I would call the AHU manufacturer. And have him size it for you. You need 400cfm per ton of cooling. and you need about 3.5 gpm per ton. Also is it 100% outside air or returned air. Its best to go with my first suggestion.

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    You should contact the equipment manufactors that you are thinking of dealing with. They will help you as much as they can, especially if they think you are going to buy one of their chillers or air handlers. In fact contact them all and see who gives you the best help. I feel certain that our locale equipment rep. has a hand in the design of our systems and if he or she could not, or would not, answer ALL the questions I had, I would not give them the time of day. Except for you Roadking.

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    Re: Sizing AHU

    Originally posted by mexvac
    You need 400cfm per ton of cooling. and you need about 3.5 gpm per ton.

    400 cfm per ton is a relative figure and could vary significantly, depending on your application. I have designed systems from 200 cfm to 600 cfm per ton. The same goes for depends on what you want to do with the system.

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