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    Hello Everyone,

    Quick Question! I came to turn on heat and the heatpump
    only blows out cool air. Emergency heat does operate okay. Unit was working fine this morning when I left for work. Has been working well up to now. The temperature went into the low 60s today. My wife turned on the air for a while. What could be the deal? What could make a heat pump not produce heat other than low freon, leak, stuck reversing valve, frozen coil,etc. I have a 4 ton Trane Xl41i R-22 heat pump with TWE065E airhandler. I want some idea before the tech is called on Monday. I have turned off the breakers for awhile, then turned back on.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks RUDYHVAC

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    Does the outdoor unit turn on when the thermostat calls for heat?
    Does it work in the cooling mode?
    Did you check the breaker?

    There really isn't anything you should be doing to it yourself besides checking breakers. Best to wait until a tech looks at it.

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    Board might be locked out on low pressure, from running a/c when it was so cool out.

    Tech will have to verify this.
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