Hey guys,

I want to tell you about my best friend's dad. His name was Bill.

Now, the only reason I ever got to know Bill was that from Kindergarten through Highschool I was best friends with his son. Bill was a good guy. He did his time in the Airforce then came home to marry and raise a family. Soon after returning to Indiana, he put his technical skills to work, getting a job working for a plumber/HVAC contractor. Later, after he'd had his second son (my friend) he got his plumber's license and opened his own shop doing plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work.

I always thought Bill was a really neat guy. Sometimes he used to take me fishing in his johnboat. We'd head out to a little lake about sunset (just the two of us, as his son's couldn't stand fishing). We'd fish until about midnight I guess while he'd real in the occasional bass and I'd try to keep my lure from getting snagged.

Later, after I grew up, Bill helped me on projects around my house. He helped me install my current furnace. The only thing he didn't do was hook up the electrical for the air condinioner. You see, it was winter when we installed the furnace and he said he'd come back and hook up the a/c unit to it later in the spring.

Bill didn't make it to spring. He died in his bed one night that winter. Doctor said the kind of heart attack he had is always fatal. There was nothing the EMTs could do.

In the spring, I was able to recall enough of what Bill told me so that I could hook up the a/c unit. It was just a couple of wires. Really no big deal, I guess. It was just hard to do while I was crying. He was a good guy and I miss him.

I'm getting to the point...just bear with me. You see Bill gave me some advice that I've heeded...but I'm no longer certain it was the best advice.

When we were working in my basement, I asked Bill about putting a humidifier on that furnace. He wouldn't hear of it. He told me they caused a lot of problems, including rust, and he would never have one on any furnace of his...but it was up to me. Well, as far as I was concerned, this guy walked on water...so what was I going to do? I never installed a humidifier.

Now I have a delimna though. My kids are getting nosebleeds in the winter. It's very dry in the house. I read about all the benefits of having a humidifier and I think I want one. Except, Bill told me not to get one, so I haven't.

I'm to the point though I'd like a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and possibly 5th opinion. The question is this: Was Bill right or wrong? Is putting a humidifer on a furnace a good idea in a cold weather climate.

Thanks for any advice you can provide!