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Thread: Tappan/Maytag

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    Regarding the 90-92 AFUE Single Stage Tappan gas furnace and the equilivant Maytag model - they appear to be the same furnace mechanically but with different warranties. I would appreciate any recommendations, comments, opinions, personal experience, etc., anyone has on either of these models. Thank you.

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    All man made products will break down at soometime,
    Get the better warranty
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    Installed many tappans with no real problems seem to be a good furnace. 8 years on parts...maytag has 10. Do the math and see if you feel the 2 year difference is worth the additional dollars.
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    Dont take any wooden nickels

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    High end maytag have stainless furnace doors other than that there twins

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