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    Change the coil. Most manufactures can, and will void the warranty if they know it's a mismatched system. It's not worth the potenial problem's, to even consider the mismatch. Dust your money off, and do the right thing!!

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    This is the strength of this discussion board good input and
    very valuable.


    I think, if we go with a HP relacement I will put in the proper coil. But the economics change.

    If I give up air conditioning, (don't relly need it), Will
    investigate gas. I have an old oil furnace as backup, and the oil tank needs replaced. so have to look at the whole picture
    and keep cost reasonable.


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    Re: Trane w/ Carrier

    Originally posted by J4
    Compatability issues with mismatched will forever haunt you if you do not match inside coil with heat pump. Lost capacity and improper refrigerant charge between heat and cool cycle.
    For a proper operation, change line set as well. Who knows what contamination and condition the lines are in.
    Espeacialy after a compresor failure. You should either change it all or go through a bloody battle against acid and other contaminants. These contaminants are generaly not handled properly by most contractors. Driers installed, acid tests performed, driers replaced, until the acid levels test to acceptable. There are also system flushes available, again they are not generaly used properly.

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