Just wondering if anyone has messed with the 19 seer Trane (2tw29030, two compressor, two stage)units much? The company I work for installed one a few months ago and there has been nothing but problems with it so far. The problems is, it is not matched with the correct air handler. It should be hooked to a 40 air handler and it is actually hooked to a 37 (twe037ebfb1). I think the 40 has a lot more capacity.
This unit is a 2.5 ton system with 9 runs. It runs high head pressure all of the time. We have the blower speed set up as a 3 ton to get the head pressure down some. We have also taken out a couple pounds of refrigerant. (it holds a little over 19 lbs.)
I also noticed something last time i was there. The recommended line sizes are 5/8 and 3/8. The 3/8 line is actually 1/4.
I know that the sure thing is to install the right air handler, but can anyone suggest something else that might help?