"How is an r-410 system better than an R-22 system ???? "

Suva® 410A
(R-410A; 9100) Replaces R-22
Suva® 410A from DuPont, formerly known as Suva® 9100, is a long-term HFC replacement for R-22 in positive displacement residential and commercial air-conditioning equipment. It is a higher-pressure refrigerant than R-22 and should be used only in equipment specifically designed for R-410A. Suva® 410A offers improved performance over R-22.


Higher Capacity Equipment: Equipment designed for Suva® 410A has up to 60% greater capacity than current R-22 equipment.
Easy Servicing: Can be repeatedly topped off, leak after leak.
Safe and Easy to Use: A1/A1 ASHRAE safety classification, EPA SNAP accepted.

...from the dupont website