Last year before heating season, I had a contractor come look at my current Carrier A/C, and we got to talking about my boiler (contractor did heating too). I told him that when no heat is needed, the boiler water temp goes down to room-temp, and it takes alot of gas to fire it up to 180degrees. He said I needed a 3-way valve to aleviate this. Apparently this allows the circulator to circulate the water just thru the water jacket & keep it at 180? Then then when a zone-valve opens, the valve changes position & allows the water into the baseboards.

I was promised that their "plumbing guru" would visit me, but repeated calls failed to find him, so I gave up. Does this sound like what I need, and will it save me any $$ in nat. gas costs by keeping the water in the water jacket at 180degrees?

I have a gas-fired SlantFin (1999), 126,000 BTU I=B=R capacity. Upstairs and downstairs are different zones, two loops for upstairs, and three for downstairs. Taco 007 circulator. Temp is kept at 64degrees during the day downstairs, and the reverse of that for upstairs & my heating bill is still $220/month with ~78% of that going to gas. Sometimes we wear a lite jacket in the house; I can't afford much more per month for heat :-)