He wants the biggest and the best for everything---Just the way he is.

His theory is that a renter just wants to be cold under the worst 97 degree ambient------tired of renters complaining CAC not working cold enough in July and August. And that a renter could give a crap about proper sized systems and proper humidity control.

He just had changed out a 3.5 ton straight AC with oil furnace Rheem unit for a 5 ton Trane heat pump.

5 tons of AC/heat pump?

For a house that might be at most 1600 sq ft?

(although with a lot of heat loss through hurricane type windows all over and a large Floriduh room,--- almost solid glass area, Hurricane type windows on three sides, facing south---built in the mid 50's --that room was really never meant to be air conditioned. )---

-(Replaced a 3.5 ton unit whiched seemed to work fine, except for the Floriduh room.--which never cooled well--what would you expect?, was never designed for AC, just air flow off a lake for cooling effect was its original design)

He went for that 5 ton Trane with an seer of 18 because of the price ---left over from last year or something like that.

Now I tried to talk him out of so seriously oversizing a unit. The guy who sold that 18 seer 5 ton unit tried to talk him out of buying it.

He hasn't turned it on yet for the Florida summer---still pretty cool here.

What would you all expect to happen when he does turn that monster on?

And does an 18 seer 5 ton Trane have a good reputation? I know that the higher the seer the more likely for problems (bugs) to develop especially with a latest design. Were they just unloading 5 ton 18 seer Trane unit at a good price because there were problems?

Any input appreciated on this.

(I know that this coming summer I will get hit with all kinds of questions about the unit from my brother, if it does not perform well.---which I doubt it will)

The one nice thing about this all is that I got his old, relatively new 3 and 1/2 ton unit for free. Which will work very well in my house.

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