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    Im starting to get closer at understanding the HVAC options we have and now we seem to have narrowed it down to 2 very capable contractors, both well quallified, both offering 10 year Parts and Labor warranties, both offer service 24/7 and both are good companies. Now one of the contractors are selling the Trane XLi products, the other offering Lennox Elite heat pump systems and air handlers. The Trane is a 14 seer the Lennox as configured a 13seer approach. The systems are as follow 5 ton, 2 1/2 ton and a 2 1/2ton in the studio. All calcs were computer generated and Manual J right off the plans. The down stairs came out to be 4.7 Ton..

    So, now I have to decided, Trane or Lennox.. Both Good (my last house was Lennox, no problems at all in 13 years).

    So, what do you guys think?

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    Either one should make you a great system,with the proper design,installation and servic after then sale.

    Of course,I'd go with an Infinity,but that's just me.Good luck!

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    i install and service both brands and have been a trane tech since the 80 and a lenox tech since the 80 to
    thay are both good brands and have a very good rep
    the only answer i can give about witch will work better is flip a coin either one will make you happy as long as it is installed corectly.

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    ask if after hours cost extra during the warrenty, some companys charge after 5pm and weekends

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    The one I talked to today said no..

    Ok, thanks for the reminder, the contractor I spoke with today said they do not charge extra, but asked that we be reasonible.. I can understand that..

    Actually, I purchased my first home in 1976, second one in 81, the next one in 87 and then the last one in 91, (custom built the last 2) Honestly, I don't rember once where we had any problems at all, so either Im just lucky or the systems were installed right and I choose the right contractor. It would be intersting to see the statistics on the units today.. are they that questionable that people really should buy the extended warranties?


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