Had this installed in November of 2010 and it has had problems igniting and staying lit. When you turn on the fireplace with the remote, the pilot will light and sometimes the fire turns on slowly then shuts down. If you try to reignite it, it won't and you see red and green flashing lights. We turn the power off and on then the fireplace will start and run fine. Representatives from the manufacturer were out and supposedly repaired whatever was wrong, but as soon as cold weather comes it does the same thing again. Now it doesn't have to be cold and we have to keep turning the power switch off and on. Also, there is alot of cold air that comes out of the insert when the fireplace is not on, is this normal?

We had it serviced by the installing company and it turns out we weren't the only ones having trouble with the Superme 130, that is when reps came out and did something that was supposed to solve it but it didn't.

Anyone else have this problem? Could it be a venting problem with all the cold air? We would really like to use it as supplemental heat but that's not happening.