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    Confused Hearth & Home NB3630I battery pack

    Is the battery pack supposed to take the place of the switch on the wall when the electricity is out? If so how do I use it? Bought home with fireplace and has battery pack with no batteries. Hope someone can help have major storm coming with possible electrical outage. Thanks

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    1-go online and get a copy of your owner's manual. Read it and your questions will be answered.
    2-have a pro inspect and check out your fireplace.
    3-use the battery pack only if the power is out. Otherwise, it will drain your batteries first then look to the 110vac for power. There is a kit that can be installed to allow batteries left in the pack and automatically switch it over.


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    I found an installation manual but cannot find an owners manual. If you have a link to it I would appreciate it. Thanks for a quick response. Had it looked at back in November and working well but didn't find out about battery pack.

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    The install manual is the owners manual. I just looked and there is vague info on the battery backup. If you have a normal toggle on / off wall switch then you still use the same switch when the batteries are in. The manual says to unplug the 3v transformer when you install the batteries. The batteries should only be installed when needed and removed once power is restored.

    If you have a different or upgraded switch I would need to know what it is to give you the proper info.

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