Hi All,

We live in Northern Colorado where it is typically very dry. In October we had a Carrier Furnace installed and requested a humidifier be installed as well.

The unit installed is the HE225A type.

I have a Davis weather station that can monitor indoor humidity. When the Davis is sitting somewhere NOT near a heater vent it will show typically indoor values of about 20% even when the outside of the house is in the 40% range.

We have turned the humidifier control to max and we can see it pulling LOTS of water and it is plumbed using hot water.

We still don't see ANY increase in indoor humidity. We know the furnace cannot up the humidity on the entire house due to sizing but we did expect to see some increase.

As an experiment I placed the Davis monitor directly in the outflow air from the furnace. We have the circulation fan running 100% of the time to keep the humidifier active.

Even with the monitor sitting in the airflow it never moved above 20% which is the same value I see on the unit when it is sitting across the room.

To test the Davis I turned it over and breathed on it and in a few seconds it shot up to 60% so I know it is working.

Our supplier of the furnace is sort of shrugging their shoulders and saying it is working.

Is what we are seeing to be expected? Should the HE225 be able to increase our indoor humidity some?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.