I just had a carrier 2-ton w/ gas burning furnace installed in my home. I am confident with the 2 ton sizing, but the installer put a 3 ton blower on the system Thier reasoning was that since I had my registers in the 9ft. ceilings and had an unheated basement they wanted to get the heated air to the floor. Granted the system has only been in place for a day and I am still feeling it out I feel theat the additional air velocity is too much. It is almost as if the air is going through the furnace peice so fast that it does not have time to get heated. I brought this up to the installed and he showed me where I can ajust the speed of the air handler via jumpers on the circuit board. It has a low,mediam and high one for cooling the other for the heating.
Please reply back with thoughts on this issue. Is mixing and matching the air handler size a good idea? If the air crosses over the furnace or cooling peice too quickly due to a larger air handler will it not be heated or cooled welll?