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    I have to answer the following question. That in itself is not a problem. The problem I have is that the question must be answered in less than 100 words. I'm having a hard time doing it in short fashion (I'm long winded anyway)
    Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's the question:

    I'm doing research on a new central air system and everything I read pushes variable speed air handlers. Why are they so great and why the huge price difference between normal air handlers?

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    Comfort, economy.

    (Is that less than 100 words?)
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    LOL...yes it is my friend.

    This is something my boss is making me do that is going into the newspaper. I don't think he was looking for that short of an answer, although it is obviously true.

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    VS fan will provide the required air flow ,to deliver the rated btus ,for less fan operating cost than a PSC(standard) motor.Even as your filter becomes clogged,it ramps up,automatically ,to deliver the same airflow!

    Add the proper controls to dehumidify and it will turn you A/C system into a "whole house " dehumidifier,increasing your indoor comfort,and keeping the humidity low enough to discourage the growth of "mold" and "dust mites".

    Though the initial cost is higher,the increase in efficiency,can provide a "return on investment" well above most "certificates of deposit".More importantly the increased indoor comfort and air quality,is pricelesss!

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    dash put it in a nut shell
    right on the monie
    couldnt say it better great answer i will have use it with my coutomers when they ask the same question

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    Dash, that is such a great description of VS technology I really hate to tell you it is 107 words
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