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    Originally posted by ssscarpone
    First of all I told you guys the guage story to see if you guys were dicks,(my first post) which you weren't. By the way I am experienced in hvac, most of the time i work on 20 ton aaon, lenox units and munters.

    20 tons don't mean squat, we have helpers that can make the same claim, they change air filters and belts.

    You may do some service on them, but you don't know how to install them. Or else you would know how to size your duct work.

    Plus know how to size your line voltage wire.

    It will be done and will be by code. The unit works at its age still, and I asked you the little stuff to make things go smooth.

    No thanks.

    Your still welcome though.
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    You guys are right. I am going to cut my grass now.

    Thanks for the reality check.

    Good hvacing to you all.

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    You can be a good landscaper though.
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    Originally posted by albowrx
    Berad- I dont know if you know the rules of this forum but I think you should look into it. No DIY-ers in this site. At the time he is going to school but he`s still considered a DIYer because he dont know much about HVAC. I mean, for god`s sake, he doesnt even know how to hook up gauges let alone do this.
    Which is why I didn't give any info. This is as helpful as I will be with this. I know the rules.

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