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    Carrier FE4,
    Not looking to "puirify" the air, just keep My coils clean as possible, so I am keeping the stock filter bay in the fan coil. The piece that came with the unit looks like it would pass a small cat through it.
    I am looking for the best filter I can put in there.

    Some reason carrier insist on using odd size filters 16.5x20.5

    The bulk order pleated filters have a cardboard frame, do to the tension of the "spring" that the filter pushes against to install it, the cardboard filter frame colapses.
    So bulk disposables are out.

    Can anyone recomend a really good perm filter.
    Can perm washible filters compete with disposable pleated filters??

    Just looking for the best filter I can put in the fan coils filter bay.


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    thats why filterbases are needed on furnace installs.
    pleated filters are best, inexpensive, never break, and donot restrict to much airflow.

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    3-m makes a good filter and it is strong enough to handle your problem. they are good filters and do not restrick the air flo

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    In the past weve pushed the Allergy 2000 filters. Seemed fairly priced permanent filter. However unless customer is diligent about cleaning filter atleast monthly their turning into furnace overheat call backs. Educate the customer its always best.

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    Originally posted by tinknocker service tech
    3-m makes a good filter and it is strong enough to handle your problem. they are good filters and do not restrick the air flo
    You couldn't get me to use the 3M filters. Most duct systems are not sized for this VERY restrictive filter.
    They normally cause more service issues than it's worth. And they tend to curve so you have a hard time pulling them back out of the filter rack.

    I can buy better, pleated filters and sell them for less. But you need to check the delta T after installing one to assure the equipment is working with-in specifications.

    As to washable filters, haven't seen a good one yet!

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    Which 3m filter are you referring to?

    Most medium priced filters will pass your test if changed when needed. A dirty fiberglass filter can be restrictive.

    Washables? There are some good ones. It's important to find out what a homeowner is looking for in a filter and how much work they want to do. Personnally a 4"er changed twice a year is fine or even yearly if no kids, pets, excess traffic etc.

    The key is regular checking especially before each season.

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