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    testo combustion analyzer

    Hey guys, I have a Test 330-1 LL analyzer and every year we have to replace the sensors, and testo says sensors are rated for 1 yr of life. That I am ok but what I am not ok with is the fact that when I have to get new sensors it takes on average 3-4 weeks to get these sensors. That I am not ok with.
    Anyone recomend a different product on the market that might be better and parts are only a 1-2 day lead time?

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    I believe they are all the same

    the LL stands for long lasting sensor!

    I have and use both the 330-ll
    and the brand new bacharach
    not sure how long it takes to get the bacharach sensors since I have not replaced them yet!

    bottom lone
    that is an excellent analyzer, just order ahead of time
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