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Thread: Carrier 33zc 3V

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    Has anyone installed Carriers 3v VVT system? Just looking for some feedback. I will be installing one in the near future (replace existing carrier/parker).

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    There a sanp. Read the book, take the class, they hold them all the time here, git er done. There not much different that Gen 2. The thing that ticked me off was the gen 2 dampers, which most often are not bad, and are a pain in the ass to change out, did not jive for the gen 3 line. So upgrading was always a tough sell. Now since they won't let you buy Gen 2 stuff any more. Your stuck. If they want new, you must redo all of it. Well if your gonna do that, screw carrier. Do some lon stuff.

    Let systint give you other reasons. He got me started.

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