I had posted a few weeks ago about our 2 year old Lennox heat pump system not cooling our front to rooms (facing west sun) last summer and now again this year. The year the system was installed, it worked fine. Same A/C company came out and said we don't have enough airflow and they wanted to increase duct. I also had FPL come out for a duct test, no leaks. Well because of the design of our house, the installer couldn't put another (second) supply line directly from the handler to the one end of our house where we're having the problem, so they just rigged something and charged me $600. So it was warm here in FL yesterday, about 80 degrees. Part of my house was nice and cool at 75 degrees, front two rooms were hot at 80 degrees. In the summer they go up to 85-86 degrees, and I have to pull out a box fan and suck some cooler air from the hallway in, not that it helps that much. I'm going to talk with the owner of this company, as what they did the other day doesn't seem like it resolved the situation. I don't know what else to do. I guess we could call another company, but how do you know how to get someone with lots of experience. It really upsets me. I just want my house to cool right!