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    Iaq thermostat and upgrade with uv

    Hi all, first off thanks in advance, I'm an electrician and work with controls but need advice on the proper way to set up my system RIGHT.
    Here my current setup.
    A/S 2 stage with variable speed blower (always running it for balance)
    Aprilaire 700 humidifier
    Aprilaire 5000 EAC
    Aprilaire ventilation damper
    Future uv light

    I purchased a honeywell visionpro iaq thermostat and want this to control everything now.

    Question 1: should I just remove the controls that the hum and fresh air damper have? I think it's a yes but didn't know if there's anything I'm missing

    Question 2: can I set this up so when fresh air or humidifier call to run it speeds up the blower?

    Question 3: UV lights, what are your thoughts, I hear so many conflicting
    thoughts on them, proper placement, how many, what size, I want to do it right and not have a useless glow light to waste electricity.

    Question 4: proper placement of a discharge air sensor? How far downstream is most advantageous?

    I also intend to put an outdoor temp sensor and indoor temp sensor and discharge air sensor.


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    become a professional member and the guys would be happy to help you out

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