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    I ran into a waterlogged expansion tank that has a inlet pipe and a outlet pipe. this is mounted horizontally with the tank on the supply side of the system . hot water comes in on one side and exits on the other. anyone have a idea on the proper way to set up this tank. it does have a bleeder fitting about 2 inches above the pipe level but no way to shut off the water supply and no drain on the bottom.

    Thank you. gpost

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    i would install shut off valve. where does second pipe go.

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    How do the two pipes connect into the system piping? Are there any "airtrol" style fittings (maybe made by Thrush?) where the tank connects to the system?

    It might be simple, and I hate to yank something out because it isn't understood.

    I'll research it a little, through some of my resources. Describe the connections as best as you can.


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    Are you sure its an expansion tank and not a sidearm heater
    for dosmetic hot water?

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    is one pipe lower than the other? air seperator maybe?

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