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    This past summer I installed a York 5 ton cooling only Roof top. Since this install the unit has not run for longer than two or three hours at most.The supply house it was bought from will not and has not taken any interest in this case, except for the fact that I refuse to pay them for the unit.They have though sent two factory reps/service techs out to look at it ,their answer is the same as mine replace the unit .There is something inside the coils clogging the suction line that then cause's it to go off on a pressure switch.This clog is a factory error!
    Has anyone run into this before?????

    P.S. The dealer has said instead of replacing the unit they want to replace just the two coils ,pressure switches and the compressor. Oh ya and not warranty any time doing this and charge me for the parts until they get the credit.

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    if the dealer is being stupid about it, i suggest that you make an end run. call the factory and tell them your problem. included in that , tell them how their own techs recommend replacement. tell them that the dealer is being stupid, then ask for their opinion. be very polite when doing this. if no response, ask to speak to some area vice president in charge of customer relations or some other B.S.. when speaking to him, explain your thoughts nicely, explain all the details, then mention nicely how frustrated you are at the local dealer, and the fact that he is making you not want to purchase your favorite brand of equipment anymore. it should take about two weeks to have him get it resolved.

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