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    Hey everyone
    I am new to this site and just wanted to say hey.
    I have been in the field since 1986 when i took HVAC repair in B.O.C.E.S Carl Place L.I. I have worked for Mom and Pops as well as Coca Cola doing small refrigeration. Currently I am a service tech for Trane. I look forward to reading other peoples prospective on things helping out when I can.
    Never too old to learn.

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    Welcome Trane Guy LI!

    Its hard to stop a choo choo. Hope you enjoy the site!

    Get your post count up to 15 and you can apply for Pro status and access tons of information!


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    Trane Guy

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    Welcome Trane Guy LI,

    Glad to have you join the site and hope you find it to be an enjoyable place. I look forward to seeing you in the pro member forums. Apply as soon as you can.

    Take care,

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