Hi all. Newbie here so please bear with me. A little background prior to the post. I am very mechanically inclined-rebuild engines, can follow schematics understand relays, circuits and the like.

My Aunt just moved here from Seattle. Her new house has two Amana 90 gas furnaces. I am guessing them to be 5 years old or less. She calls me two night ago stating that she cannot get heat from X vents. The house is divided not by floors but by sections in terms of circulation. So, I check the furnace designated to that side of the house and sure enough, nothing i.e. no flame. The other Amana is firing perfectly.

So, I did notice that the LED light was giving the one flash Lockout code. So, I cycled the T stat down for a bit and then asked her to cycle it up while I was watching the unit. The electric pilot came on, induction motor came on but no ignition.

Unit was running fine prior to that i.e. in normal use on a day to day basis.


Thank you.