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Thread: hvac exam books

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    i am actually larry's fiance. i am trying to find books for him at a reduced cost for the hvac exam in oklahoma city. does anyone have any books they would like to sell that would help him get his license? i would appreciate it very much. tx!


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    What exam is he sitting for?

    Norm Christopherson's book, HVAC Technician Certification Guide, featured at the top of this web site page, is a good practice manual for taking tests such as the NATE and the RSES CM exams. Also probably wouldn't hurt to use it as part of preparing for a state license exam, but for that I'm sure he's gotta know more than just HVAC particulars, such as building codes, business practices, etc.
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    My book is not limited to preparing for NATE or the other technician certification exams. It is useful in preparing to take the HVAC portions of contractors licensing exams as well.

    In fact, the book is useful to anyone who wants another study resource even if they are not planning on taking any exam. Just reading the questions and considering the possible answers before looking up the answers is another useful method of self study.


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