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    What's up with

    I have the hardest time trying to open and view an archive film clip. I have only had some limited success watching the Honeywell ones and no success viewing anything else other than an occasional live broadcast.

    I've read their FAQ'S and can't seem to find my problem. I'm
    using both IE and Netscape with a broadband connection.

    Does anyone else have these problems or am I just that stupid that I can't figure it out?

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    I check them out every few months but I cant really do much with my computor that is not on a dsl line. If you are on dial up only some of it works for me . On a dsl line its great and everything works. I wouldnt think that you should have any problems if your using broadband if it is truely off your cable tv line and not just something they claim is faster off a dial up connection.

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    I wonder if auto mechanics watches those auto repair shows.

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