I want to replacing both (old mercury type) thermostats in my house with Visionpro or similar programmable stats. The house has a large atrium connecting the upstairs/downstairs, so I want to have a programmable fan or circulation feature to try and prevent u.s./d.s. temperatures from getting too far out of balance during times when the a/c or heat isn't running much. Would rather not run the fan 100% of the time though.

I read in another post that the VisionPro has a circulation feature, but that it isn't smart enough (when circulation mode is selected) to prevent the fan from running for the few minutes immediately after the A/C shuts off.... and that by allowing the fan to continue running after a cooling cycle, humidity removal suffers.

Can anyone confirm if this "flaw" is has been corrected in the VisionPro thermostats??

Is it a significant drawback for Humidity control (I live in Houston)?