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    I just moved into my brand new home in Kentucky about 2 months ago and it is all electric and the furnace is in the attic. I noticed at the end of the 1st month that I had cold air running through my vents alot. I keep the thermostat on 71 all the time and the fan is on auto. Sometimes warm air comes out but most of the time cool. It also seems to never shut off. If it does shut off it is only for about 5 min. My electric bills are outragous and I am guessing it is because it never shuts off. In my previous home not only 5 min away it was all electric and it shut off and on just like normal and my bills where normal. Is there any thing I can do to have it shut off more regularly and not just 5 min at a time? Thanks for you help.

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    Two options....

    Locate company that installed the HVAC system and have
    them check the system over.
    This might be a warranty issue.


    Contact a reputable HVAC company to go over
    the system for proper installation and setup.
    This will probably come out of your pocket;
    however, it may be worth it in the long run.
    Extend to others the grace that God has given you.

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    Fan sequencer could be stuck.

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    I think that you have a heat pump ???
    If so then yur outdoor unit is not doing its job ( heating ). If a heat pump, turn system on. thermostat set to higher temp & see if outdoor unit is running.
    The heat you do feel is probably the auxillary heat strips.
    They will go off about 1 degree below what you have the thermostat set for, then they go off, leaving the rest of the heating for the outdoor unit to do. If the outdoor unit does not work, then your blower will be blowing cool air in the house all the time, because the thermostat will not satisfy.
    Some systems have a high pressure reset on the outside of the unit that will trip if high pressure. This can be reset. ( red rubber tit )
    But still, call sevice co to chck out & service system

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