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    I seek opportunity with reputable contractor to perform service work.
    Many years experience in commercial refrigeration and A/C service.

    C-stores, markets, meat process plants, industrial kitchens.

    e-mail me via the little red dog house at bottom of post.

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    Looks Like We Both, Strike Out?

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    Yuba City, CA.

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    Man I think you are awesome. I wish you'd come out here to Cali. It's way too liberal though. I think you'd be great to work with. Maybe I can convince my better half to go to Texas. That's probably not happening. Are you not into being your own boss?
    I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart.

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    northern colorado

    Talking If you want the perfect job

    Robert, you just need to go and do it your self.

    The state of Texas has business grants. Go and get one of these grant and make the perfect job for your self. Good luck to you and yours.

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    Storm, thanks for the advice.
    I may just do this.

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