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    I have a 3 level house, lower level unfinished basement, Master BR in main level, and in upper level we have 3 bed rooms. I been noticing that my bedrooms upstairs are HOT. I notice that bedroom in middle is more hotter than the other two bedrooms. I have two thermostats, one to contral first level and the other one controls upper level.

    could you all assit me in figuring out why it is so hot upstairs do I need to fiddle with Thermostats?

    I believe I have a heat pump, how do I check this? I do know that I use gas for heating? I have a furnace swithc in the basement right next to Heating and air conditoning euipment. Equipment is of Lennox model and of type 80msg.

    Any help, pointers and tidbits will be highly appreciated


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    A good service tech. Will find problem, answer questions, repair ,and save you money in operating costs. One phone call to a decent contractor, problem solved.
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    Turn your t-stat down!

    It maybe a heat pump(if the outsideunit runs in winter it's a heat pump, if it doesn't you have a gas furnace).

    Do you have two systems? Or is it zoned? (Are there 2 outside units?)

    If turning down t-stat doesn't help, you need to call for help. Wait till morning though.
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    Thank your for your reply. It is zoned, zone 1 and zoned 2. Should I lower my tstat in upper level, what temp would you recommend? would there be any side effect by turning tstat to different temperatures in different levels

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    no..there won't be any side effect in winter time. as hot air rises, you can keep your upper t-stat at lower temp.

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    Thank you - I can see the difference by reducing tstat in upper level.

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    Thank you - I can see the difference by reducing tstat in upper level.

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