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    I think it’s another way to cheapen our field I think it will make any job look like crap.

    Now with that being said I like it, it will let me get ho heat till I get back in the morning in case of emergency only

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    There is just no pride in one's work anymore. Get in get out make a buck or two.When I leave my jobs, I know the next guy that comes in and takes a look is going to say"guys this is the way you do it."I accept nothing less.I'll stick with the old fashioned way,earn the trust of the H.O. buy giving them qaulity work and a little of yourself.Stuff like this takes all the passion out of the bussiness,so what are the newbe's supposed to be prepared for?In short I think sh*#t like this stinks.Put this in the HACK SACK!

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    pure hack-if u look at the hacks pictures all the plumns are cap and taped u dont need this $hit

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    Just gimme a Goodman box and some duct tape.

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    Originally posted by midhvac
    Just gimme a Goodman box and some duct tape.
    You may laugh, but one time I had a unit to change out and it had already been a long week and this thing had to be running for heat.

    So, I finished up all the utilities and supply transition. Only thing left was the return transition. By this time my head is pounding due to the lack of sleep (pulling an all-nighter) I grab some large cardboard boxes and cut them to fit, overlapping them so you could bend them over for support. Then I grabbed the 'ducky' branded duck tape and yep (that's right) taped it all together!

    Then, I went home to get a couple hours of sleep, then returned after and finished the job with a nice sheet metal transition.

    I wouldn't make this a practice and only did it ONCE!
    But sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do to get heat.

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    Humm, I make something somewhat similar... It's called a transition, looks a bit different though... oh, and it doesn't need any tape either lol.

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    I went to a house last year on a no cool call. Some jackass had installed a goodman air handler and used the box it came in for the supply plenum. He even insulated it. It had finally got soggy and collapsed. This expando plenum is made for hacks like that.
    Please step AWAY from the condensing unit.

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    How is that supposed to save time? Unless you flex duct supply and return to unit, but then people like that just screw sheet metal to the a/h and put in a collar.
    Wouldn't work too well for hooking up to existing plenums and duct.

    It would be more work for me to use this than to just make a transition.
    Col 3:23

    questions asked, answers received, ignorance abated

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    It's from the same manufactures that make board stretchers.

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