Question for the old timers here.--

Original condensing unit was a Chrysler Air-Temp from the mid-60's. Condensing unit been replaced at least a couple of times since then.

Evaporator in it now may be the original one, but not sure. Says nothing about Chrysler or Air-Temp on it.

Plate on evap says APCO, model #-----SFA 42. Serial #-----287109127.

Would this be an original 60'ish Chrysler manufactured evap or is it a generic aftermarket one?

Nothing wrong with the evaporator. In good shape and seems to work well with the current condensing unit== a 2 year old Weather King 3 ton. -----Just curious if it is the original Chrysler manufactured evaporator.

Also --who is the manufacturer of Weather King? Looks like a Heil to me. (but I have been out of the trade for over 12 years now, so can be mistaken).