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    My present 14 year old system ,RUUD 3 TON (SPLIT) ,just conked out. I have received estimates from two very reliable contractors.
    One suggested a Rheem 14 seer RPPB SERIES(SPLIT SYSTEM) ,uses R22 freon. The other suggested an Amana Tempassure 14 seer RHF 36c2c (split system) using the newer R410A FREON .

    I am concerned with the availability and costof R22 in the future along with reliability, efficiency, and quality.

    Any recommendations or suggestions?

    I didn't mention the cost , but one system is about $700 less than the other.

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    Everyone has their own opinion on which refrigerant to get. I would go R22 myself if I were buying new right now.

    Rheem RPPB

    Copeland scroll
    Charge compensator
    High pressure switch
    Demand defrost
    TXV in & out
    Hard start kit
    14 SEER 8.9 HSPF with matching air handler

    We don't see many Amana units around here so I can't comment on them. Not impressed with the new air handlers & coils that are common to Goodman & Amana. Maybe some of the Amana dealers can comment further.

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    Refrigerant: it's the future ,we have been installing them with Puron/R410a,since the late 1990's,check out the site and decide .

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    I'd pick the Rheem over Amana.

    Ask your contractor for the price of the Rheem 410a system.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Would stay with R-22 also.
    R-410 is too new to be 'time-tested'. Don't know how long they will last or what kind & number of repairs to expect.
    Do know that if they cost more to install, they will cost more to repair.
    Though, I'm not a proponent of Rheem or Rhuud, either.

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