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    Okay last week, while I was in Bonaire I set the thermostat on my air conditioner at 22. This morning the weather guy on the radio said that it was 22 outside. I think he was one letter off. Was that °C or °F?????

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    I was working in a lab on a cascade system they wanted to maintain -40C. I said woah, that's damn cold, what's that in farenheit. They looked at me like I was a complete idiot because I didn't know it was the same. Apparently that's why they use that temp. How was I supposed to know that?

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    Most Canadians HVAC guys are bilingual..(F to C, that is some even K to R).
    Is this a Fabreze moment? C.Y.D. I'm voting white elephant. 2’.
    My competition are my best salespeople!

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