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    Hobart AM14T diswasher leaking around doors

    Hi I inherited an AM14T ---- problem : water leaking around bottom edges of both doors during the wash cycle. Any idea what to look for? It probably loses a cup of water to the floor during each wash cycle.

    Is there a place I can download a manual.



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    If the wash arms are not rotating properly and just sitting there spraying water in one place this could happen. I would suggest checking the wash arm bearings and make sure the end plugs are in place. I would also check the spray nozzles. Make sure none are missing or damaged.

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    There realy are no spray nozzles this model uses what looks like a two piece stamped stainless spray arm with large holes punched out for the water to come out. It is not the one that has a stainless piece of pipe with enpices and nozzles. I think it is a high water flow model. the holes in the spray arm are about 3/16 to 1/4 inch. I am quite sure it is rotating because the water blast comes and goes at the (bottom door edge) corners. I guess I could put a piece of plexiglas in so I can see what is happening.

    they may just have to live with it.

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    Those are the normal wash arms. Check them for cracks at the bottom seam. You can also try swapping the top and bottom wash arms and see if the issue goes away. In my experience, AM14s will leak slightly from the doors. There should be a gap at the bottom between the door and outer edge of the dishwasher. This gap is for any water that leaks out to harmlessly flow back into the sump. Check for gook build up at the corners and widen the gap between the doors and the base of the unit with some strategic prying if need be. Remember, it is pumping a flow rate of about 900 gph through those wash arms. Those plastic slides are not water tight, they are just slides.

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    chrldwlf pointed out about the white door slides. Are they missing or broken. That would also cause leaking around the door.

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    had the same problem at one time it washer arm bearing some one used wrong grease nozels plugged strainer plugged psi relief leaking steam trap not working , gaskets on heatexchanger reading this remined me

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    Quote Originally Posted by pairman View Post
    chrldwlf pointed out about the white door slides. Are they missing or broken. That would also cause leaking around the door.
    My first thought when I read the title.

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