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    I just have to vent. I purchased a SUPCOVG64 digital vacuum gauge last year. I never used it and it just sat in the original package. went to use it today to check out my vacuum pump. It leaks!!! won't hold a vacuum.

    So I did what anyone would do, called supco customer service, they told me $40 to fix it, I explained that it is new and unused, they dont care. They refuse to stand behind it. Suggested I just buy another one because the repair cost is so close to replacement cost.

    I would be SO EMBARRASED to say that to a customer of mine.
    Can you believe it?

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    I have one I used a couple of times...don't work.

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    Cool supco

    Talk to the supplier, maybe they will split the repair bill with you or they may choose to stand behind it. The supplier might be in a better position to get some service out of the mfr. If the supplier will not help or meet half way, make sure they understand that not only will you no longer continue to do business with the mfr, you will no longer do business with them either. IMO the supplier shares just as much responsibility as the mfr because they both shared in the profit.
    All my leon freaked out!

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    supco manufactures inexpensive test tools. you get what you pay for. i for one will never buy there stuff so im behind you.

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    I agree airworx, I have the Yellow Jacket digital vacuum guage and it works great. But the damn thing was'nt cheap though. One thing I won't skimp on is tools.
    "If you can't fix it, don't break it."

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    I found this out the hard way also.
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    Post Supco Complaints

    I totally agree with you... I've owned several Supco products, data loggers, vacuum gauges. Their not the most expensive instruments I agree but they served me well.

    I would think that a company such as Supco would value it's cusotmer base and have corrected this...

    I dropped them an email expressing myown concern and invited them to come here and show some faith.

    Here is a copy of that email
    AllTemp Heating & Cooling

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    I have a few

    I have a few of the Supco guages. The big thing is that you got to clean the sensors with rubbing alcohol to get the oil off. Make sure the battery is charged. As long as everthing else is good, I have had no problems.

    Just my input.

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    My boss bought a VG64 a couple years back. I had to borrow it one time while my Robinair was being replaced. Unfortunately, I had to borrow someone else's gauge since the 64 didn't work either. That instance wasn't the only one that promoted me to not pursue Supco's tools, but it was the last. I've since used Yellow Jacket's gauge...Robinair's is a joke too. I don't even know if they sell that "black box" anymore. The distributers here stopped carrying them.
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