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Thread: new moderator !

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    i think Darryl shoud be the moderator for the Controls forum ....

    hey, he's definitely qualified ..

    and ....

    he won't Ban himself ...

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    Slim---- there's always the chance I ban myself.... guys got to be fair as a moderator all the time.

    Anyway, I didn't know how in the world Don moderated the whole board. I thought about it a awhile and then went into detective mode and came up with the following:

    This IS Don. The guy has at least 3 arms so he can probably run 3 or 4 keyboards simultaneously while utilizing his versatile nose. I'm thinking he hardly has to get up for anything.

    Anyway, we got amigo, osyio, davem, controlman, lma, etc.... alot of really good guys posting around here now.... Even some manufacturer reps posing and helping. AGM is from Loytec, really good guy representing a neat company, Lonboy is an Echelon guy. Some BACnetter reps that don't identify which company they are from.... (there's my shot) Things are picking up.

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