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    Help with LG LSU122HE Mini split

    Living in Phoenix AZ it is not uncommon to see 120F in the summer time..
    The above unit is installed in a room that is 11 X 17, with two windows facing south. However, direct sunlight is blocked by a huge orange tree and they are covered with window blinds to reduce sunlight and the subsequent heat load.

    With that said the outside compressor unit is installed on the west wall of the room mentioned here. When the outside temp reaches 114F (45.5C), the compressor shuts off. It will remain off till the sun falls behind the peek of the roof next door. When that happens, the compressor will start and cools the room beautifully. ((What I need to mention here, is for the first 3 months the unit works flawlessly unlit ice came out of the inside unit and it had to be recharged)).

    Now we're in our winter where, even in Phoenix the temp will fall to a low of 23F (-5C). The unit provides good heat but NOW makes a very loud droning sound that can be heard across the street it is that loud

    Local HVAC people want a small mortgage to look at it. No one will offer warranty service on it ((if that is an issue)) and well... I am up the creek with a broken paddle, after spending close to 2K for the unit installed.. The original HVAC contractor, now refuses to work on the unit..

    I'm hoping someone who is NEAT trained and/or understands this system can point me in the right direction.. Please reply to my dad's email, as he works for a HVAC distributor in NY State. His email is: cmerlau at cox dot net.


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    Mini or ductless splits are difficult to troubleshoot because all the controls are on a circuit board. If its a refrigerant problem relatively easy to fix, fan motor easy fix compressor expensive and circuit board very expensive not to mention difficulty getting the right parts. So difficult to work on and hard to get parts and hopefully it works when all is said and done. Try to get someone who advertises repairs. Hope this helps

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